Because our Life is an entire chain of choices, of decisions…

Some of the decision are taken easily, but others need to be put in a balance and sometimes the balance goes in waves. The same thing happens when we have to stop in front of a preschool for our child… an important decision, a complex one and sometimes a very difficult one.

In this choice interferes Pick Me Academy, place which we have created using lots of love, responsibility, determination and respect for children.

Our desire is to offer children both the best practices and educational resources, but also an environment which promotes positivism and self- confidence throughout all our activities.

Pick Me Academy fosters children aged 1, 8 -11 in two modern locations, one on number 9, Dragos Voda Street and the other on number 55, Spatarul Nicolae Milescu Street, both equipped with modern furniture and materials, adapted to all the needs and tastes of our children.

All our spaces are equipped with video camera both inside and outside school, the parents having the chance of seeing their children through all their stay at Pick Me Academy.

We have classes of 14 pupils with a ratio of 7 children / teacher (the Lead Teacher and a Teaching Assistant) and for toddlers there is 1 teacher to 5 children. This way, each group is coordinated by an experienced preschool teacher and an English teacher, both of them having at least 3 years of class practice.

What makes the difference is that we...

This will be achieved through:

Pick Me Academy is the place which desires to choose the best in children and to develop it , to value each of their gifts, to glorify every quality a child has, to have a good first step throughout the path of life and to have beautiful and positive memories about their first longer ”getaway”.

This is the motto we rely on in order to create a powerful and balanced adult who will fit perfectly to the life he will live.