Frequently Asked Questions

What language is used for teaching?

Our main language for teaching is English using the British curriculum. The Romanian language is used in teaching only an hour/day. In the playground, children speak English and can often be heard speaking their native language such as German, Spanish, French, Romanian, and other languages. That is why our teachers offer them support in helping them to express their ideas using English words

How many children are there in each class?

In the Year 1 Classes there is a maximum of 22 pupils per class.

Can we enrol during the year?

Yes, you can enrol your child at any time during the school year, providing there is a place available.

Does my son/daughter need a minimum level of English?

Children with a low level of English are assigned extra English lessons in small groups so that they can learn quickly until their level of English is sufficient to return to the standard timetable.

Will my child get to speak English fluently when finishing Key Stage 1?

The child will learn English in a natural way, through games, and step- by -step he will get to think in a foreign language as fast as he thinks in Romanian. More practice and more time are needed for him to succeed in having a fluency in speaking English.
These lessons are taught in small groups and are known as “Chat and Play”, but also EAL program.

Is school transport provided?

At an additional cost transport will be arranged. The cost is calculated based on the distance you are from the school.

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