Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
BREAKFAST Toasted bread with butter, cheese, red bell pepper
Rosehip tea
Whole Meal bread with butter and forest fruit jam
Raspberry Tea
Boiled Egg
Whole Meal bread cheese and tomatoes
Blueberry Tea
FRUIT SNACK Seasonal fruits Seasonal fruits Seasonal fruits Seasonal fruits Seasonal fruits
LUNCH Broccoli Cream Soup with croutons
Green Peas with tomatoes sauce and dill
Oven Roasted Turkey Breast
Vegetables Cream Soup with croutons
Oven baked cabbage
Oven Roasted Beef Polenta
Lentil Cream Soup with croutons
Mashed potatoes, carrots and celery
Turkey meat in tomato sauce and garlic
Celery Cream
Soup with croutons
Steamed Rice and vegetables
Oven Baked Beef
Vegetable soup
Vegetable Lasagna
Oven Baked Salmon
AFTERNOON SNACK Rice with milk and cinnamon Whole meal bread with butter, green olives and cucumber
Rosehip tea
Macaroni cheese
Whole Meal bread with cheese, tomatoes and red bell pepper
Lemon Tea
Toast sandwich with cheese and pepper
Fruit Tea

*potential allergens can be found(eggs, milk, seeds)
Dairy products: Napolact; Cereals: Sano Vita; Flat water Aqua Carpatica

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