Pick Me Academy performs its activity in a new 400 m2 building, having 5 classrooms with surface of approximately 36 m2, equipped with modern furniture and materials, adapted to all the needs and tastes of our children from July, 2014.

The classrooms are having video projectors in their equipment in order to have modern and innovative activities. You can find us on a quiet street, rich in vegetation, away from the noise of the city but in the same time close to the means of transport.

We have three bathrooms for children , one individual bathroom for our staff, the eating area (30m2),a large, quiet yard (approx. 100 m2), four Messy Areas (20m2) used for our creative activities, the Staff room , individual cupboards and a medical office.

The classes are equipped with video cameras both inside and outside the school and, it also benefits of the services of a bodyguard firm.

We have groups of 16 pupils with a ratio of 8 children / teacher( a Lead Teacher and a Teaching Assistant) and for the baby group there is 1 teacher to 5 children.

This way each group is coordinated by Early Years teacher and an English teacher who have a vast experience in working with young children.


Beginning with July 11th, 2016, Pick Me Academy opened its gates to a new headquarters. Situated on number 55, Spatarul Nicolae Milescu Street, the building is roomy, with very spacious and bright classrooms situated on three levels.

Its whole surface is of 700 meters square, split into a very quiet yard with a big playground (300 meters square) , a reception area, big classrooms of approximately 36 meters square each, dining rooms on every level, bathrooms adapted to our children’ s needs, 1 sports area( 60 meters square), bathrooms adapted to our children’s needs, arts’ room, a library and relaxing room, a room dedicated to musical activities, and last but not least, our School office.

All our areas are being under video surveillance, this way, all the parents having the opportunity of a permanent monitoring of their children in both the classrooms and the playground. The classes are all equipped with laptops, but also with smart boards for our computing subject.

Each of our classes are coordinated by an English teacher and a primary/ nursery teacher, with a ratio of 8 children/ teacher for our Year 1 classes. The whole staff has an experience in working with children of at least 3 years, and also a wide experience in using the British curriculum.

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