Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age children are accepted?

We accept children starting with 18 months

If a child still wears diapers, can they still come to the nursery school?

The nursery school accepts children with diapers, considering it part of the child`s personal development. The transition out of diapers depends on a certain independence the child reaches in time.

What will my child need at nursery school?

  • A named bag
  • Named clothes for accidents
  • A pair of named shoes
  • A named pair of pyjamas
  • A named tooth paste and tooth brush

***For safety reasons children are not allowed to wear jewellery

Can my children bring their toys at Pick Me Academy?

During the initial period , a child can bring his favourite toy which can help during this time. Generally we discourage children from bringing toys, jewelry or any other objects into the nursery school, because these can be lost or damaged.

May I stay with my child in the nursery if he's in his initial stage?

At Pick Me Academy parents are not allowed to stay with their children during the activities sessions. If you stay with your child it will be even more difficult for him afterwards and he will not understand why suddenly his mother cannot stay with him anymore. Moreover, all the other children have dropped tears and longed for their parents, and the presence of an adult could reopen not healed wounds.

What can I do to help my child to fit in the group?

You can give him constant support, to explain him how nice is it going to be, how much he will like it, that he will learn new things and that he will make lots of new friends. But in order to do this, you must be convinced for yourselves of all these things, and above all these the integration program is going to be a step- by- step one, starting with a short one and progressively enlarging the hours spent in the nursery. We advise you to leave your child only 1 or 2 hours in the first week if you are afraid that the separation can be difficult.


The medical assistance is  assured throughout  the entire stay of our children in Pick Me Academy . As our aim is  to provide a healthy and safe environment that promotes the physical and mental well being of children, we have on staff a nurse that checks the children daily and  observes the children’s state of health upon their arrival at school. If she  notices an altered state of health,  the parents are immeadiately informed. If children are considered to be “sick”, they are isolated from the other children awaiting the arrival of their to take them home.We also have a pediatrician  who checks them every week. We do not accept children that are potentially sick and can represent a risk to the health of their colleagues.  If your child suffers from a bout of vomiting or diarrhoea please ensure that they are kept at home for at least 24 hours after the last bout of sickness and/or diarrhoea. If your child suffers from a bout of vomiting or diarrhoea while at Pick Me Academy you will be contacted immediately and asked to collect your child as soon as possible.This is to prevent the spread of any infection.

Morning triaj procedure

In the morning, at the child `s arrival in the nursery, he is going to be checked by our nurse. The nurse is going to examine the following:

  • The teguments in order to reveal an eventual rash; the child will preferably be undressed
  • The nails: these must be cut and clean
  • The scalp, specially behind the ears and nape
  • The oral cavity and the pharynx; even if the child opens or not his mouth alone, the pharynx and the tonsils cannot be well  examined, that is why the abeslang is going to be used

How can you help us?

Offering us answers to the following questions related to the morning triage:

  • Did the child had fever? If yes, how high was it and what kind of treatment was he offered?
  • Was his stool modified? If the answer is ”yes”, you must describe it.
  • Did he have any kind of pain ( stomach, head, ear, etc). If yes, was he given any kind of medicine?
  • Did you notice any rash on his tegument? If yes, was he given anymedicine?
  • What other changes could you notice about your child? Everything, even if the parents did not fiind it of high importance. In what concerns the children who missed many days from medical reasons, it is necessary that the parents answer the following questions:
  • What was his disease?
  • Was he hospitalized for the respective ailment, or was he cured at home?
  • What treatment did he take ( medicine, number of days)?
  • In the moment of his return in collectivity does he take any treatment? If yes, what is it?
  • If any kind of test or blood tests were done, you must specify  the modified things. You can make photocopies of those results, which furthermore are going to be attached to the chilsd”s personal file.

*** If useful medical information concerning your child”s state is being offered , everything is going to be written down in a notebook by our nurse. For any doubt, the nurse can contact the doctor of our nursery.

Medical Holiday Procedure

In accordance to our legal obligations, generally , after each important holiday, as the summer, the winter and the spring ones, or after any other nonappearance for more than five days, every child must bring both a receipt from his family doctor and the usual medical examinations for his reincorporation in the collectivity ( pharyngeal examination, coprology, coproculture) in order to prove his good state of health. All these must be handed to Miss Teodora(our medical nurse) or to Doctor Georgiana Jalba, in the very first day the chil dis brought back to the nursery.

*** We mention that all these examinations must be done with no more than two weeks before bringing the child, for the first time, at Pick Me Academy.